Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8-9, 2015 Customs and Immigration Marsh Harbor

Monday.  Happy Birthday to my brother, Don and my brother-in-law, Jim!!

We were told my the Immigrations office to come back this week to extend our travel visas past June 15.  They said just come back with all the paperwork.   So Dave took off by taxi to do that.  Once he was there, he found out I had to be there, too.  He visited with a guy in the waiting room and he ended up giving him a ride halfway back.  When we first arrived, he did all the paperwork without me present.  I guess you need to plan for the unexpected.

So we had Rinssor take us back close to 1:00, figuring they closed from 12-1:00.  it went smoothly and they gave us another 90 days.  Actually we only need about 2 more weeks, but you never know. 

Afterwards, we decided to walk to a little “take away” stand for lunch.  They are little drive up food stands with no indoor seating.  The closest one didn’t have any tables outside.  So we went around the corner to a little pub looking type of place.  It had an outside deck.  Inside  was a counter with about 8 seats with a bar.  It was air conditioned, so we decided to eat inside.  Dave called it our “immersion lunch”.  He had coconut cracked conch and fries.  i had steamed snapper with plantain, coleslaw and peas and rice.  This was the real deal.  It took forever for out food, so you know it was made as it was ordered.  I had two whole snapper with their heads about 8 inches long.  It was cooked in a light tomato and onion seasoning.  There were 2 TV screens.  One had a CSI type of show and then Duck Dynasty.  The other had music playing REALLY loud that the barmaid/waitress was selecting.  I think it was actually the music you hear when a car drives by booming, hip-hop with some choice words.  And everyone had to talk over the music.  All the other patrons were locals.  It felt like a neighborhood hangout, but we were welcome to be a part of it all. 

We decided to walk back to the boatyard, which was about a mile.  But it was mostly downhill to the water.  Our engine part didn’t arrive today and may not be here until Wednesday.  Since it was really hot back at the boat, we decided to move the boat just outside of the boatyard for a better breeze.  We were also able to make water and take showers on the stern of the boat.
walking down to the boatyard
Dave opening the gate to the boatyard, home for a week now

Lazy day on the water.  We did wash a load of towels.  They were mostly dry when a thunderstorm came rolling through.  We brought them in, ran a line and used fans to let them finish drying.  It reminded me of my childhood.  Before we had a dryer, my mother would hang our laundry in the basement with fans in the winter time in SD. 

We found out about 3:00 that our part was here.  But we didn’t need to come back into the boatyard until the morning.  Good thing, because we would have been moving the boat right when that thunderstorm hit.

We had a popcorn and movie night.

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