Friday, June 5, 2015

June 4, 2015 day in Marsh Harbor

We had a rap on the boat at 8:00 this morning.  I was just making coffee and found out that the boat yard wanted us to move our boat so they could get another boat to their lift along the wall we were tied up to.  Their motor didn’t work at all.  So we moved our boat to another wall and back again all with in about an hour or less.  Well, throwing lines and pushing off of pilings didn’t help my neck. 

We lined up Rinsssor, the taxi man, to pick us up for my appointment.  Dave went along to run errands.  We had time to have a nice lunch at Wally’s before my 1:00 appointment.  Wally’s is across the street from the docks.  They advertise fine dining, and it was very good.  But while we were eating, Dave noticed a rat run across their front yard.  It’s the islands.  We were a couple miles away from the harbor that we usually would anchor in.  Otherwise we could have walked from the dinghy dock. 

Tricia, the massage therapist, was very helpful in giving us ways to get free phone service to the states through our computer, which we will set up for next year.  She even offered to let us come to her place and do updates on our charts using her wifi.  Updating charts use a lot of our data.  And if we are at a restaurant with free wifi, it is really slow.  So Dave may do that this weekend.  She is a boater and understands the wifi situation. 

Dave said it must have been delivery day to the island.  Everywhere he went, he had to break into cases that has just been delivered to get what he needed.

Back at the boat, we decided to go for a dinghy ride to get out of the boat yard.  It was pretty calm, so not too rough on my neck.  If felt much better, but still needs a little recuperation time. 
this is a mangrove jelly fish when it is swimming on the surface.  all the others I have seen were sitting on the ocean floor

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