Friday, June 5, 2015

June 3, 2014 wasted day

I woke with a strained muscle in my neck.  I used to get treated regularly when I was working because of the position I always sat in to work.  I was hoping that would just go away after I retired, but those muscles have memories.  I used a heat pack on my neck and took a couple naps.  I was most comfortable laying down.  It would actually spasm at times. I e-mailed a massage therapist in Marsh Harbor for and appointment.  I was given her name a couple weeks ago when this started.   And she will see me tomorrow!  Yeah!!Today at the boat yard, we saw a truck pull up to a boat with rolls of siding in the back of the truck.  Two guys were running a machine that cut the siding to length, put the crease in it for the fold to help it hang.  Then they loaded the pieces of siding into a fishing boat to go to another island.  No wonder things take so long to get done in the islands.
About 6:00 Dave asked if it was 5:00.  Me: no it’s almost 6:00.  Dave: Wonderful!  I’ve wasted almost the whole day and was worried I wouldn’t make it!

We were expecting an inch of rain today, so we didn’t want to start anything outside.  But it never hit here. 
this is the truck with the siding and the boat to deliver it

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