Friday, June 5, 2015

June 2, 2015 more engine problems

We were up early and ready for Dennis and Dexter by 8:00.  It was closer to 9 by the time they arrived.  They tested the oil again and then had Dave run the engine.  Dennis thought it sounded strange and the RPM’s were’t going as high as they should.  We agreed on the RPM’s.  So he tested the fuel injectors to each piston and one was bad.  Who knows how long we have been running the engine on 3 pistons. 

Dennis checked the surrounding islands and couldn’t find a fuel injector for our engine close by.  So it will have to be ordered from the States and probably won’t be here until Monday. 

We can stay here in the boatyard for free as long as we don’t need electricity, which we don’t.  And the weather forecast is calling for a lot of rain through the weekend.  So we may as well stay here and work on some things.  We’ll be more protected if the winds pick up, too.  We just don’t have as nice of a breeze coming into the boat.  But we have fans.  It has been in the low 80’s, but will be a little cooler with the rain. 

The Mercury outboard was back together and the carburetor was rebuilt all except one gasket.  Right now it looks like it will be 3 weeks to get that part, which we won’t wait for.  They are checking into getting it sooner.  It runs and we  have the 2.5 HP Lehr as a back up.  So we won’t wait if it’s not here  by Monday.

I spent some time up near their office updating some apps on my phone.  Dave putzed as usual.

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