Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 9, 2015 Compass Cay to Highbourne Cay

This morning we left our anchorage to head north.  As we came into Conch cut, we used the tracker on our chart plotter.  That way we could just follow our path back out.  It’s amazing to see a wide open area, but have to follow a channel zig zagging through it to avoid rocks and sand.  
it always amazes us to see the different colors of the water.  the lighter color is more shallow with sand on the bottom

It was a light wind day so we put up the spinnaker sail.  We could have made the 35 mile trip in about 7 hours using the engine.  But we were in no hurry to get to our destination, other than before sunset.  So we sailed and saved fuel and took 9 hours. 
uncovering the spinnaker.  It is raised inside a "sock", then you lift the sock to let it out in the wind

The only excitement of the day was when Dave thought he saw a fish splashing on the surface at the end of his line.  Then he realized it was a “floater” in his eyes. 

It was so calm that I was able to do some food preparation and some things on the computer down below. 

We made it to Highbourne Cay by 6:30.  We have anchored here twice before, but we had never come through the Highborne Cut form the east side on the Exuma Sound.   No problem.  There were about 12 boats anchored along the long beach.  3 were mega yachts and one had a huge slide off of the top into the water.  Looked like it was more for adults than for kids.  Dave thought 20 year olds in bikinis would love it. 

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