Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31, 2015 Elbow Cay-church, hull cleaning and engine

This morning, Dave found his oil analysis kit.  He tested it once while cold and once after running it.  It ended up showing diesel in the oil.  There are only two things that can cause that.  He has eliminated the easy one to fix (the lift pump).  So now we are looking at having a diesel mechanic look at the engine.  There is a Yanmar dealer (our engine) in Marsh Harbor.  We tried calling them on the VHF today, but someone else told us they were closed on Sundays.  Just thought we’d try.  So Dave will contact them in the morning to see what they recommend- going to their boat yard, or to Marsh Harbor and having a mechanic come to us. 

We think we can run the engine for a short time without it getting too much fuel and racing again.  So we’ll plan to bring up the anchor and chain by hand and sail back to Marsh Harbor.  We’ll only use the engine to maneuver into the harbor or boat yard. 

Besides working on the engine, we went into Hope Town this morning for church.  Dave offered to go with me, since the outboard motor on the dinghy was still temperamental.  Or else he thought we needed some extra prayers.  The priest from Marsh Harbor comes over on the ferry.  So mass is held at 12:45pm outside on benches in the shade of a large cork tree.  There were about 6 rows of benches and about 12 people there.  A little girl carried a zippered bag from row to row for the collection.  The reader/song leader led us in an opening and closing song a cappella.   During the homily/sermon, we felt like the priest was talking one on one with us.  We really liked the entire mass, even Dave did. 
I tried to be discreet taking this
after mas

Before and after mass, we walked around Hope Town checking out some properties that my family may rent next winter for a week.  We’re not sure we are going to be here to look at them with an agent, so we at least wanted to see the location for ourselves. 

Back at the boat, we decided to clean the hull.  That was one of the reasons we came over here to the crystal clear water that wasn’t too deep.  This was the first time I helped clean the hull.  I kept telling Dave I would help once we were in nice blue water.  We each worked about 2 hours using the hookah system to get under the boat.  It is starting to pay for itself.  Dave thinks only 8 more times of cleaning the hull ourselves.  That is if we include what it would have cost me and Cheryl to pay for dives. 

Since the generator was running for the hookah, we decided to make water.  If we are in Marsh Harbor for awhile, we don’t like to make water there.  So Dave also “pickled” the water maker since we anticipate that we won’t use it for a week or more. 

On top of it all, there is a possible storm moving through here Wednesday June 3-June 10.  We are keeping our eyes on that.  We have Chris Parker’s forecasts and the net gives us “Barometer Bob’s” forecast.  We haven’t used the single side band radio for forecasts lately, but that is a source, too. 

I have posted pictures on Facebook of us enjoying the beach with company.  So this week I decided to post things about us working on the boat, so people understand that it’s not all fun and games.  A friend commented that she was sorry we were having troubles.  I replied that this was normal for cruisers.  She said her husband explained to her that our boat is both our home and our car.  So there is always something that needs to be worked on.  That was a good analogy.  Thanks Dik. 

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