Monday, April 20, 2015

April 18, 2015 Palm Cay to Rose Island

We had the marina arrange a taxi to pick up Joe and Erin at 5:30 am.  We also got up to say our good-byes.   We are already planning to have them join us next winter, but not sure where we will be, but they’ll make it work. 

Since the marina had free laundry, but only one machine each, I figured it would be open at this time of day.  So I packed up laundry and my computer and spent the morning catching up on by blog and using their electricity to do a couple other projects on the computer.  I needed to edit photos and put together a spread sheet for our expenses over here.  We are mostly using cash, so I am tracking where it is being spent.  It started raining shorty after I arrived, so it was good timing.  And it was nice for the boat to get a “bath” with fresh water.

We were able to use the marina’s courtesy car to go to a grocery store for provisions.  It wasn’t available until 1:00.  Dave let me drive on the left side of the road.  After unloading groceries, we moved the boat to their fuel dock to top off our diesel and gasoline (for the dinghy) and headed to the north side of Nassau, Rose Island.  We were staging ourselves to head further north to the Berry Islands tomorrow. 
leaving Palm Cay Marina

When you get to the west end of Rose Island, waves are hitting it from the south, and there are rolling waves coming from the north.  So right where you have to pass between two rocks, there is “confused waters”.  The waves just move up and down, and it feels like it could move your boat sideways if there was a strong wind.  Once you pass those rocks, there are just smooth rolling swells.  This anchorage is always “rolly”, but we like it.
confused water
calm water past the confused water

During dinner, we tossed around what options we had for the time remaining in the Bahamas.  We changed our plans and decided to head further down the chain of Exuma Islands.  We can always go north to the Berry Islands as we head back north to leave the Bahamas.  That’s why it is so hard to make plans to meet people while we are in the “exploring” mode. 

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