Monday, April 20, 2015

April 17, 2015 Hookah and Palm Cay Marina, New Providence Island, Bah

This morning we decided to let Erin and Joe try the hookah system to dive under the boat.  Neither of them are divers, so we gave them a crash course on what they would need to know for a shallow dive.  We were only in about 25 feet of water.  They both enjoyed it, and Joe stayed in longer while I went in for awhile, too.  We saw two strange creatures on the bottom.  They looked as thought they were snails without their shells and were about a foot long and half as wide.  I googled them and decided they were sea hares.  We also found a couple unbroken sand dollars.  There were only a few fish in the area, but it is always nice to get in and under the water. 

sea hare
internet pictures, but this is how we saw the sea hares
We cleaned everything up, had lunch and left Rose Island for a marina on the south east side of New Providence, the island that Nassau is on, Palm Cay Marina.  We decided that would be the easiest way for Joe and Erin to catch their 8:00am flight in the morning. 

We enjoyed the swimming pool for a little while.  It was in a beautiful setting looking out over the ocean.  Then we showered and returned at 7:00 for their “event” of all you can eat pizza and jazz music outside by the pool.  Dave had been dreaming about having pizza for a couple days, so he was in heaven. 

pool side dinner
nice beach area
It was a relaxing evening back in civilization.  We also enjoyed the Palm Cay Sour-scotch, sour, lime juice and red wine. 

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