Monday, April 20, 2015

April 16, 2015 Sail to Nassau, Bah

We discussed moving further north to another island in the Exumas or heading back to Nassau today.  Since weather can change plans for sailors, we decided to head back today, but anchor outside of Nassau.  By the time we got everything ready, it was 11:30.  It is at least 35 nm and we average about 5 kt/hr, so we had a day on the water ahead of us.

The winds were light, so Dave put up our spinnaker sail for about half the trip.  As the wind was dying, and we weren’t making 5 knots, we decided we better motor the rest of the way to make it there before sunset.  We anchored on the north side of Rose Island, same place as last Friday with Cheryl.  It was close to 7:30 and we watched the sun set as we had dinner. 
wishful fishing

Several times throughout the week, if we said we were sorry about something, like having to spend the whole day moving the boat between islands, Joe would say “Did I tell you I was trudging through snow last week?”  Joe and Erin really have been easy guests.  We just decided each day what to do that day and every day was an adventure.  They would jump in and help where ever they could.  And we had a lot of laughs with them. 

Atlantis in Nassau seems out of place after being on deserted islands

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