Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apirl 4, 2015 Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, town day

We left our peaceful anchorage off of Elbow Cay this morning.  On the way to Marsh Harbor, we saw 2 sharks in the water, probably 8 ft long.  Always cool to spot, especially from the boat and not when you are in the water.

We anchored in Marsh Harbor.  It felt good to have been here and know what to expect.  We immediately put the dinghy in and went to see George for conch salad.  He isn’t working tomorrow, Easter Sunday.  So we wanted to be sure to get some from him today.  He said he goes through about 50-60 conch a day.  He used to get them himself, but someone else does that now. 

After taking that to the boat, we took our garbage to town and did some grocery shopping.  This time we went to Maxwell’s grocery store.  It was farther away, but still walking distance.  This was a beautiful supermarket with everything we could want.  Yes, some prices were higher, but most were reasonable.  We passed on the avocados for $3 each.  We bought fresh vegetable, fruit, eggs, bread and meat and were able to carry it home in backpacks and one handbag. 

Last week we bought plantain and Dave tried to cook it.  It was OK, but not like you get in restaurants.  So today, Dave asked a lady in the store what to look for.  You have to buy the soft ones, or let them soften before you cook them. 

Back at the boat, Dave did some maintenance on both of our heads.  I cleaned the heads and floors.  We did a load of towels and will let them hang outside overnight. 

Today on the passage here and after shopping, I sewed my favorite pair of shorts that I wear on the boat.  There was a band at the bottom of the leg and it was tearing away from the leg.  So I sewed them back together.  I don’t wear them off of the boat, but I was afraid it would catch on something and tear worse.  Funny how I would have thrown them away before and bought new ones.  Don’t have that option here.

If you have to sew, this is the place to do it
another pretty sunset in Marsh Harbor
full moon over the marinas in Marsh Harbor

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