Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apirl 3, 2015 Boat day in Elbow Cay, Bahamas

We spent today doing odd things around the boat.  I waited one day to write this up and I am already trying to remember what we did.  We started by doing 2 loads of laundry.  We each did a load of our own clothes. 

Dave added a topping lift and guy line to the gin pole to make it easier to handle.  During the race on Wednesday, it took 2 people to man handle it.  He would like to be able to go forward on the boat by himself with me at the helm.  This will allow him to do that.

Then he added an adjustable downhaul line for the spinnaker.  It gives us more control to change the sail shape when we change our angle to the wind. 

He also worked on a dive flag to fly off of a flag halyard or in the water when we are using the hookah system (compressed air hoses). Other boats need to know that we have divers in the water. 

I organized bedding that we took out of storage for guests.  We also took some food out of storage, so that had to be stored elsewhere.  I cleaned the galley and refrigerator.  Since we are planning a trip to the grocery store on Saturday, I wanted to check what we had in store and what needed to be eaten as leftovers and what needed to be thrown away.  Blah, Blah, Blah, just a boring day in a beautiful place.

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