Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apirl 19 & 20, 2015 Northern Exumas

We enjoyed a leisure morning and then set out for Highborne Cay in the Exumas.  We enjoyed a day out on the water again.  I even spent some time on the computer and napping.  Dave loves being at the helm.  Just like he wants to be driving if he is in a car.  The high light of Dave’s day was watching the clock on our chart plotter hit 12:34:56.  It can get pretty boring spending 7 hours on the water. 

We anchored at Highborne Cay about 6:00 pm near a BIG power boat.  Once we settled in, we could see that they had lots of people there and lots of jet skis and toys.  We decided to move the boat before the sun set.  They looked like they were going to enjoy their vacation and we were ready for peace and quiet to enjoy our anchorage. 

We decided to spend another day here getting some things organized.  Dave spent the day outside cleaning dock lines.  That involved stretching them to get the loops off of the aft cleats.  I helped with wrapping the line around the winch and tightening the line.  Not sure how we got 2 of those on there in the first place.  He is trying to clear up the deck to be able to start refinishing the teak toe rail. 

I spent the day organizing the inside of the boat after company.  I organized the bedding, which we were able to wash at the marina last weekend.  And I worked in the galley storing food.  Always have to check what is possibly spoiling. 

I got up early to update my blog.  The internet was really slow the night before, so I thought there would be fewer people online in the early morning.  So we both took a nap in the cock pit this afternoon.  Tough life, but somebody has to do it.

We grilled chicken mid afternoon instead of having lunch or dinner.  We threw the bones overboard and were surprised by several large fish that came out from under the boat to get them.  They appeared to be small sharks about 3-4 feet long.  But they had a strange marking on their heads.  it looked like an oval shape with tire tread.  We used our precious data and found out they were remoras.  That was my first thought, but didn’t realize they were that big.  Dave read that if they can’t find a “host” they will school together, like under our boat.  So does that mean that big sharks and rays frequent these waters?  No swimming off the boat tonight!

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