Monday, March 9, 2015

March 8, 2015 N Palm Beach Sunday

Sundays are a day of rest, and that we did.
Dave made us a great breakfast of French toast, bacon from a can, and fresh fruit.  It was a beautiful morning to eat outside in the cock pit. 

We spent some time reviewing Alice’s flight itinerary and printing her boarding passes.  She wanted to return something at Walmart, so we sent photos from the week to a nearby Walmart to be printed.  We would have driven right past this Walmart if we didn’t have it on our VZ Navigator in our phone.  It was hidden by trees until you were right at the road to turn in.  There were palm trees in front of the store!  There was a security guard right inside the door.  And the place actually looked clean.  But the sad part was when I looked for an Easter card.  Of the whole isle of Easter cards, there were a couple romantic religious cards and one religious card that I could see.   

We went to a Thai restaurant near our marina for dinner.  Alice ordered the #2 (out of 4) for hotness on her Pad Thai.  It was too hot for her, so the restaurant actually made her another plate of Pad Thai.  We thought that was awesome!  And the staff had fun teasing her. 

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