Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 North on ICW with sidetrip on the ocean

We planned to move further south on the ICW today.  I called the marina we had in mind and they said they were booked until May!  So we decided to go back north to a marina near where we had anchored in North Palm Beach. 

As we headed north, we passed the inlet to Palm Beach again.  Even though it was overcast, it was a fairly calm day, so we decided to go out to sea a few miles to show Alice what it was like.  It was a beautiful day on the ocean with only 1-2 foot swells and 5 mph wind.  We were ready to cancel her flight and just keep going to the Bahamas.  We went out about 3 miles and to a depth of 500 ft.  Then we turned around and sailed back.  It was good for us to check out the sails and get our sea legs back.  We haven't been out on the ocean since early December!!!
crew hoisting the sails
Palm Beach ahead of us.  Dave was so at peace.

We checked into the North Palm Beach Marina about 2:00.  They gave us a bottle of wine in our “goodie bag”.  We all took showers and had happy hour snacks in the cock pit with our bottle of wine.  We all spent the night getting caught up on our computers with wifi again.  We are so easily amused! 

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