Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March, 3, 2015 Jupiter, FL

First day of “vacation”.  We all slept in until someone knocked on our boat about 9:00.  A big fishing boat across the channel wanted to get out and wanted us to move our boat forward along the sea wall to give them more room.  REALLY?  So again, we had to unhook our electricity, untie the boat to move it, readjust all of our fenders, tie up and hook up our electricity again.  They were very helpful and thanked us.  They said something to the effect that this really wasn’t that big of a deal.  I said “ya, until the next boat wants to get out.”
I THINK this was a cozy bed
I made a quick run to Publix, such a luxury now, for fresh fruit and bread.  Alice had a cramp in her leg last night and wanted bananas.  We have everything else imaginable, since we were stocked for 4 months in the Bahamas.  After our late breakfast, Alice and I were off to the beach.  But she thought her leg might bother her, so we turned around and just enjoyed the swimming pool.  It felt great to get some sun and enjoy the pool. 
brunch in the cockpit
enjoying the pool

Dave spent the afternoon doing some chores.  First he ran the pickling solution through the water maker.  It was nice to have power to do that instead of draining our batteries.  Then he  changed the zincs on the prop.  He had to move the dinghy away from the stern so he could get under the boat.   Then he made several trips to the prop using a mask and snorkel and holding his breath.  It always amazes me how much those get eaten away.  But that’s why they are there, to protect the prop and shaft from being eaten away.  Dave didn’t drop any bolts!!  We were impressed. 

the old and new zincs next to each other.  These were changed January 6, 2015

We took showers and all went out for a great lobster dinner.  That was something Alice wanted to do and she wanted to treat us.  We knew just the place.  We went to Chowder Heads back in November.  They fly in lobster from Boston every other day.  They were wonderful!  The chef didn’t like the way one of the lobsters turned out, so Dave waited for his and ended up getting it free.   They were $15/lb and each of ours were about 1 1/2 pounds.  They split open the tail for you  and crack the claws.  Just wonderful.

they stand up the body in the center, maybe hard to see

We made a trip to Walmart, just because we could.  We actually wanted to pick up a couple cheap lawn chairs.  Then we returned to the boat.  We took a walk out to the end of the dock, since Alice hadn’t seen that.  Then we sat in the cockpit and visited with a great breeze and still 75 degrees.  We discussed what we wanted to do for the rest of the week.  Since we aren't overjoyed about this marina, we decided we will head south again, anchor a night, then go to a different marina south of Lake Worth.  This way Alice can experience anchoring, too.  Great first day!

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