Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26, 2015 Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

We’ve been watching the weather this week and it still looks like it will get wild tomorrow.  So we decided to move our boat to Marsh Harbor.  It’s much more protected.  It was only 5  miles across the sea of Abaco.  So we were here by about 12:30.

We decided to pay for a week of wifi to be able to update charts, etc, and research more of the Bahamas.  We are able to check our online weather service, bank accounts, post my blog, etc.  There are two companies that you can purchase their services.  On the cruiser’s net this morning, I introduced myself then asked for anyone to contact me after the net to give me their opinion of the two companies.  No one did.  We decided either the cruisers are older than us and don’t miss the wifi.  Or the younger cruisers have the wifi all figured out and don’t even listen to the cruiser’s net. 

As we entered Marsh Harbor, it was crowded with boats, but still plenty of room for more.  Not like the little harbor on Man O War cay.  We found a nice spot about halfway into the harbor.  There are several marinas in the harbor, so it was nice to stay away from their docks, but still feel protected inside the harbor.  We could see where the public dinghy dock was, but thought we’d check out the town tomorrow, if it’s not raining.

We had hamburgers for dinner, but I decided to sauté some onions to put on them.  Dave was outside in the cockpit working on something.  He said it smelled awesome and he could hear people in other boats talking about them.  When a dinghy of people went by I could hear him saying “move along, there’s nothing for you here, these aren’t the onions you’re looking for” from the Star Wars movie. 

After dinner we enjoyed the sunset from our cockpit again and showered.  Every night at sunset, someone blows a conch shell.  We even heard that in Florida.  Well, tonight in the harbor there were conch shells blowing from every direction.  It reminded me of drive in movies as a kid.  If the film stopped for some technical reason, all the cars would start honking their horns. 

It’s different being in a busy harbor, but it’s also fun to sit and watch the different boats go by.  Dave’s always making up stories about the people on other boats.

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