Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015 Lake Worth back to Jupiter, FL

We left our anchorage about 9:45.  The first bridge opens 15 & 45 minutes past the hour.  So we timed that just right.  Just after the bridge, we passed the North Palm Beach Country Club on our port, or left, side.  There were 4 guys teeing off.  The one ready to take a stroke was left handed.  Dave said “I hope he doesn’t have a hook”.   Sure enough, his ball landed in the water in front of our boat. 

As I said, we went back north to Jupiter.  It’s only 10 miles, but we had to go through 5 bridges.  We didn’t make it in time for one of them, moving against the current.  So we had to wait 30 minutes for the next opening.  Since we had just been on this section of the ICW, we spent our time looking at the different boat names on the boats along the seawalls.  Our favorites were Shark Byte,  Stocks and Blondes, and Dudheen.  Dave said that’s the pipe you see hanging from a Leprechaun’s mouth.  It was a pretty green boat. 

We made it to the marina we chose by 11:30.  We chose JIB yacht club and marina because it had a swimming pool and it was on the beach side of the ICW, so we could walk to the beach if we wanted to.  Well, this place is a small marina that caters more to fishermen than to transient boaters that spend the night.  They have a code to get into either of the two bathrooms/showers.  There was no sign designating men’s or women’s, which is common.  But once you were inside, you couldn’t lock it from within.  So if I were showering, anybody could come in, male or female.  Strange.  So Dave and I went in at the same time and moved the metal garbage pail in front of the door as an alarm if someone did decide to join us. 

Their pump out for the heads wasn’t working.  They have ordered the part and are waiting for it to arrive.  We could see where the washer and dryer hookups were.  So Dave asked about them and was told they haven’t had them for a couple years. 

We were tied up along a seawall right beside the swimming pool and a covered picnic area.  As we came out of the showers about 2:30, they had the area all taped to spray paint the ceiling.  I asked about where they thought the wind was blowing and whether their paint could affect our boat.   They said they were just going to ask us whether we wanted to move the boat.  So we had to unhook our electricity and move the boat out to the end of their dock. 

We went for the 2 block walk to find the beach.  It was really nice and we plan to come back tomorrow with Alice to walk the beach and at least put our feet in, not sure how warm it is. 
Then Dave and I were picked up by Enterprise to get our rental car.  We had to drive to Ft Lauderdale to pick up Alice.  She arrived at 10:00pm and it was about an hour’s drive.  So we sat up until after midnight visiting and getting settled on the boat. 
We were told Alan Jackson owned a couple of these boats.

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