Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 2014 Projects, projects, projects

Maybe I need to call them something besides projects.  Something like "accomplishments of the day".

Our generator was starting intermittently.  Dave tested the switch and it was OK, but he had a new one sent to us that arrived yesterday, just in case.  He went to the other end of the generator and tested everything back to the starter switch and everything tested ok.  So he replaced the started switch and it ran perfectly.  He took apart the old switch and could see where the contacts were bad.  So he cleaned those up and has now has an extra switch as a back up, or for bartering. 

Dave tried to wash the jib sail today.  It had a green slime growing on it.  Then he left it out to dry.  It didn’t want to come off.  So at some point, we will have to remove the sail and scrub it.  while he was out there with the water hose, he tested the window that he had sealed.  Alice thought water had dripped from it when it rained and she was sleeping under it (not something you imagine).  But it wouldn't leak today.  So we'll continue to watch that. 

He changed the joker valve on our aft head.  Over time it gets deformed and an interesting fluid comes back into the toilet bowl between uses.  And the accompanying smell is not something you would try to reproduce.  Unfortunately, it started happening while Dave’s mom was visiting. 

I spent some time storing more provisions that we picked up at Walmart on Sunday.  I am now writing the food product on the top of the cans and bagging them before putting them in the bilge.  Who would have ever imagined?

I also spent a lot of time on the computer since we have a wifi connection.  I wanted to give family and our float plan friends info about how to contact us.  Once I was into that, I realized several things needed to be updated, like phone numbers and e-mails.  Then I stored that information in our Evernote application.  That way I can get the information from any computer.  Never know when you could lose your ship. 

I get a newsletter from The Boat Galley and read something I wanted to share.  Her web site is awesome  I think it has useful information even if you live in a home. 
She shared that her mother taught her everything she needed to know to live on a sailboat., even though she had never sailed.  Here’s what she taught her.
“If you can read, you can do anything.”
“So it didn’t work.  What did you learn for next time?”
“You’re never going to feel like you’re ready.  So just do it.”
I can relate to all three of those statements after living on a boat for over a year.  And it can apply to all walks of life.

No pictures today.  Didn't think you wanted to see the green slime or the joker valve and it's attached growth.  Your welcome. 

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