Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 30- Feb 4, 2015 Post Ski for Light

Friday: Non Ski for Light functions that have become a tradition
On Friday morning, many SFLighters go to the Saloon #10 at 10:00 am for Bloody Mary’s and a chance to say good-bye.  This started years ago with about a dozen people and has grown over the years.  After leaving there, about 10 of us stopped for lunch at the Slash J’s in Piedmont (between Deadwood and Rapid City). 

Saturday: Ellarita’s at Vern and Ella Shafer’s also a tradition on Saturday afternoon.
Many years ago, several friends would get together at Vern and Ella’s before leaving on their respective flights or road trips home.  This has also grown over the years.  They live in a beautiful home that Vern built on the outskirts of Rapid City.  About 50 people show up for Ella’s famous Ellarita’s, which are margaritas made by the pitcher with one 12 oz can of limeade, one can of tequila, 1/2 can of triple sec, and 3 beers. 
Kaye, Rick Johnson, Vern and Ella Shafer, Tara Knutson
Richard and Tracy invited the Canadians to their home for a wonderful pork dinner.  Their friends, Gretchen and Steven entertained us with singing, guitar, harmonica, flute, ukulele.  Fun night. 

Sunday: Gretchen and Steve brought green chile peppers from New Mexico and prepared an awesome breakfast for us.  They left that afternoon and I ended up with Bev’s flu or whatever.  So I slept, packed, visited with Pete awhile, didn’t even watch the Super Bowl.

Monday: I felt well enough to travel, so spent the day in planes and airports.  Then I spent the rest of the week sleeping away this strange illness. 

Tuesday: Dave had his second cataract surgery while I slept in the rental car.  Here is what he texted me last week the day after his first eye surgery : "My whole world has changed after this surgery.  I like to go to Cultural Centers, am dancing quite a bit, and am singing in the church choir.  Who would have guessed?"  I got a lot of laughs out of our friends when I shared this.

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