Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 12-14, 2015 GA Packing

Never sure where the days go, but I spent the week getting ready to go to SD.  We had to get under our v-berth to get a suitcase and winter clothes.  There’s not as many decisions about packing when you don’t own a lot of clothes.  I admit that I did look at photos from last year to see what I wore to the Ski for Light banquet so I wouldn’t wear the same thing. 

We spent a good part of one day organizing our manuals.  This is something we have been planning to do for a year.  I thought we would do this while we were staying at a motel having the boat repaired.  So I had them all out of our Navigation station and in bags.  I refused to just put them back.  We already had a binder with items relating to different registrations.  We organized 4 different binders.  One with manuals with current projects that Dave is working on.  One that is the complete Beneteau manual.  One for different systems, like the generator, heating/AC, heads, dinghy and related items, sails and spars, communications, etc.  Then one for miscellaneous add ons, like fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, water purifier, auxiliary heater, dehumidifier, bicycles, etc. 

We threw out duplicates and outdated material.  Dave wouldn’t let me make a table of contents for each one.  He couldn’t handle that much organization.  He looks forward to flipping through the pages.

Dave has been researching and working on setting up a GPS system to work with our chart plotter.  I  need more details from him and may add to this later.

We had downloaded a class on provisioning that had access to for 30 days.  It will expire while I am in SD, so I spent time listening to 3 classes that were 90 minutes each.  I learned a few new tips and picked up some good websites.  Not sure it was worth all the time I had to put into it.  Here’s on thing I will change.  I was told that when you buy fruits and vegetable, especially in foreign countries, you should wash the fruit in diluted bleach as soon as you get home.  But if the fruit doesn’t completely dry before you store it, it will start to ripen sooner.  Bananas are the exception.  They harbor spiders and eggs on their skins.  Sounds like it’s not unusual to get a full bunch of bananas (100 bananas) for about $1.00 in some countries.  So you need lots of recipes to use your fruit as it ripens.  But all produce should be washed before eaten.  She recommended a spray of vinegar to kill most organisms and a spray of hydrogen peroxide to kill listeria.  Then rinse with water.    Hope we survive these remote areas.  That is if we ever leave this country!!  I took a couple pages of notes, but that’s what sticks in my mind.

We picked up our rental car on Wednesday afternoon.  A 4 door pickup truck was cheaper than a compact car.  Go figure!  Since we owned a suburban for about 10 years and other trucks or vans before that, we feel more comfortable sitting up high.  And with the gas prices so low, we decided to go for the truck.  Then with a rental car comes freedom!!  We decided to eat at a restaurant we couldn’t walk to.  We asked our Dockmaster for a recommendation.  She recommended Bonefish Grill on St Simon’s Island.  We arrived in time for me to order one beer at the end of their happy hour, 6:30.  The Bang Bang shrimp appetizer was recommended, so we ordered that right away, too.  About 7:25, we were wondering what happened to our meal.  We asked our waiter and he said he had just asked his manager about it.  The manager came over to our table and apologized because our order had been misplaced.  They were preparing it right away and the entire dinner would be on them.  That was a nice surprise.  The food was excellent.  We shared ceviche that was served in a glass made out of ice.  I had an excellent house salad with shrimp and a cup of lobster bisque.  Dave had a kobe beef hamburger and took half home.  It ended up being a later night than we had expected, but I would recommend the Bonefish Grill anytime. 

isn't she a beauty?

bringing the boat up to the dock for weekly pump out

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