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December 25, 2014 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Celebrating Christmas on the boat for the second year still seems strange.  I guess we have to make new traditions. 
I made caramel rolls today using frozen bread dough, but I made the caramel from scratch, the way my mother used to with butter, brown sugar and cream.  Dave made his famous clam chowder.  After the rolls were done, be took half of them and walked up and down the dock, sharing them with other boaters, especially the single guys.  The last boat we stopped at was a trawler with a married couple.  We ended up visiting with them for over an hour. 
The best part of the day was visiting with our son, Peter, on the telephone.  Sure miss him!

Here is part of a Jimmy Buffet Christmas song that meant more to me this year. 

Merry Christmas, Alabama (Never Far From Home)

"Tis the season to remember
And to count up all the ports of call I've known
And to thank His mercies tender
For I'm never far from home

Merry Christmas to my saints and guardian angels
Who protect me as I roam
All the faces and the places that were home

"Tis the season to remember
That we're never far from home

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

clam chowder and jalapeno rolls (forgot to take a picture of the caramel rolls)

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