Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 27- Dec 2, 2014 Thanksgiving and sailing prep

Thanksgiving Day:  We had a scrumptious Thanksgiving Dinner at St Mark’s Catholic Church that I have been attending.  They provided a meal for those without family in the area.  It was the first time I had collard greens for Thanksgiving.  They even let us make a “to go box”.  Everyone was so friendly.  And several people went out of their way to meet us once they heard we were from SD.  They had family there or were from SD, MN or WI.

Saturday afternoon we went to Wrightsville Beach to watch a Boat Christmas Parade.  We went early to get a decent place to park.  We planned to eat at a restaurant on the route but we would have to sit outside.  It was about 4:00 and the parade wasn't until 6:00.  So we walked to another restaurant, ate at their bar, watched college football and walked back to the original restaurant for the parade.  It was shorter than the ones we saw in Alabama, but still fun.

The pictures don't do them justice
I like the reflection on the water.  You had to be there

I wrote our Christmas letter and e-mailed it out to my usual list.  Then I mailed about a dozen cards to aunts and uncles and older family friends that may not use the internet.  I am trying to have people e-mail their greetings to us, since we have a mail forwarding service now.  This is the second year, but I thought I'd get them out early as a reminder.    

Dave spent the next few days going through systems on the boat to be sure we are ready to leave next week.  Checked raw water screens, checked filters, stowed things and rearrange things in storage, etc.  I cleaned and cooked and did laundry today.  We pulled out some winter clothes for the trip south.  We’ll be able to stow them again once we’re in warmer weather again.  It’s a constant shuffle.  One evening, Dave said he was going to bed because he "ran out of nothing to do".

Dave called the insurance agent handling our claim on Monday.  He said everything was approved!!!!  He was putting together the surveyor’s paperwork, the boat yard’s and their payment statement and would send it on Tuesday. 

So on Tuesday, we settled our bill with Bennet Brother’s Yacht, returned the rental car, topped off our water tanks, and got everything ready to take off in the morning.  Can’t believe this is finally happening. 

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