Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014 GA work, work, work

We spent some time this morning with computer projects.  We had to print some pages, then scan them and e-mail them.  We have to dig out the printer and scanner, then put everything away again.  It’s not like you can just walk into your home office and take care of business.

This marina has FREE laundry.  So I spent my afternoon in their nice lounge area attached to the laundry room doing some work on the computer  (with a very slow internet connection) while doing laundry.  I met Werner, an older gentleman originally from Germany, who lives on his boat in the marina.  He has been here 10 years.  So I asked him all kinds of questions about the area and the marina and hurricanes. 

Dave worked on our AC/heater.  He checked the wiring on the solenoid because he had heard clunking noises back around Thanksgiving when it quit working.  We didn’t deal with it then, because we didn’t need it to get the boat moving out of NC.  So now Dave is going to check into replacing parts vs replacing the whole unit.  We actually have 2 units.  The larger one, forward, heats the main cabin and our v-berth.  The smaller unit heats the aft cabin and there is a little vent in the galley in the aft section of the boat.  Only the aft unit is running. We are able to run the AC for extended periods.  But last winter when we ran the heat for several days, the forward unit stopped.  We replaced a board then, but the mechanic didn’t know what caused it to go bad.  So maybe replacing the whole thing would be best.  It will take more investigating to be sure.   It’s getting into the 30’s at night now. So we  may get a little space heater.  We are starting to sound like southerners whining about the cold.  At least we own cold weather gear, like long underwear, fleece and smart wool socks.  

Today, Dave replaced the filters in the water maker.  He cleaned the cover and the impeller and put it al back together.  Then he had to run it to put fresh water into the system and it wouldn’t work again.  He talked to Cruise RO, the WM company.  They said he should replace the impeller.  Then if it’s still not working, they will replace the pump.  The closest West Marine is 1.8 miles from here.  The marina has bicycles to use for free, so we may just take a ride tomorrow and carry back packs for the grocery store. 

Since both of us were working until about 6:30, we decided to check out another restaurant downtown.  It was nice to go for a walk and check out the Christmas lights.  We went to Basil Thai and Sushi restaurant and it was excellent.  It was recommended by the marina. 

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  1. Enjoying your journey very much! The mechanical problems are offset by the sunrises/sets, dolphins with you during the night sails and even the 5 horn warnings! You will miss all this when you are landlocked. Enjoy!