Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 12, 2014 GA Bikes, lights and show

This afternoon, we used the marina bicycles and went in search of the marina’s boatyard.  It is at the far end of the docks.  There are 15 docks and then a long dock along the shoreline before you get to the boatyard.  When we left the street level, there was a ramp connected to the long dock.  Well, being a mountain biker all those years in SD gave Dave the courage to ride down the ramp and turn at the end before going into the water.  Plus the handle bars were just about as wide as the railings on the ramp.  I walked my bike.  Even on the dock, it was strange riding your bike.  It was similar to standing close to a window in a tall building.  You know you are safe, but it still feels a little scary.  And there was no one on the dock, or I would have been walking mine the whole way.

notice the turn you have to make at the bottom of the ramp

At the boat yard, we talked to the manager about having some work done on our prop.  There is a vibration that could be caused by a variety of things.  The boat would have to be hauled out of the water and we’d have to get a room somewhere.  (maybe time for another road trip.)  With their schedule and the Holidays, it may be the middle of January before they could work on it.  So we’ll line things up and see where we still plan to be here. 

We found out Dave is being assigned to a local ophthalmologist, so we are waiting to hear from them, or we will receive a letter with their information to call them.  Well the letter will go to our mail forwarding service and then we’ll have it sent here.  So no plans can be made yet.   If we decide to move the boat further south, we’ll check into having the prop fixed there.  But it should be done before we go to the Bahamas. 

Tonight they had “Deck the Hull” in the marina.  The boats were judged for 3 places for best decorations.  The winners will receive a month free at the marina.  Obviously, the people that decorated live in the area.  There is no way you would be able to store those decorations on board.  Right from the cockpit of our boat, you could see 4 decorated boats.  It was a beautiful still night, so the reflections in the water were very pretty.  I only use my cell phone, so the picture really didn’t do it justice.  But it was very festive.

This evening we went to the Ritz Theater in downtown Brunswick for the live production of a 40’s style radio show of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  They were even dressed in 40’s style clothing.  It was fun to watch.  They are doing  “A Christmas Carol” next weekend, so I think we’ll go to that, too.
before the show

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