Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 6-8 from NC to NY to Toronto, CA

Wednesday and Thursday:
Happy Birthday to my sister Beverly!

This morning, we finished preparing the boat to take it out of the water to have the hull painted and for the electrical repairs to be done.  We took everything out of the aft cabin and put it in the v-berth.  There is a lot of wiring connections in the aft cabin and this will make it easier for them to work on the boat.  It made the boat more level in the water, too.  Otherwise our stern was deeper in the water with everything we have stored there.

We were ready by about 10:00 and the next slack tide to move the boat wasn’t until noon, so we decided to leave and let them take the boat out.  Kind of scary, but that is what they do.

We took 2 days to drive to Niagara Falls, NY.  The only Amtrack train that leaves for Toronto is at 4:23pm daily.  So we decided to tour Niagara Falls tomorrow before leaving.

Friday:  We parked on the US side of Niagara Falls and walked across Rainbow bridge and went through customs on the Canadian side.  We took the Journey under the falls, then the Hornblower boat tour to the bottom of the falls.  I have always wanted to see Niagara Falls, but it is really commercialized.  We'd love to see it in the winter with fewer people. 

We boarded the Amtrack train in Niagara Falls, NY and stopped 10 minutes later in Niagara Falls, ON to go through customs.  Everyone had to get off the train, wait then re board. The 3.5 hour trip consisted of 1.5 hrs in customs and a 2 hour ride.

We arrived at 8:30 pm in Toronto. Then we walked about 2 blocks to the Overdraught Irish Pub and met Chris and Sylvia Jonas and Tracy Mousseau for dinner and beer (and a couple shots).  We walked another 2 blocks to their condo about 11:30 but stayed up until 1:00, way past our bedtime.

along side the Canadian  falls

on the top of the Canadian falls

American Falls

American Falls

From Rainbow Bridge

Amtrack train

Tracy, Chris, Silvia, Mary and Dave

Chris, Silvia and Mary with a shot of Irish Whiskey

view of the Bue Jays Stadium from their condo

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