Monday, August 25, 2014

August 20, Conn to NY

I did return to Mystic Seaport on Wednesday morning to see a few demonstrations that we missed the morning before.  Dave wanted to do some things on the computer while we had a good wifi connection.

We drove to Waterford, Conn after I picked up Dave. There is a boat supply mail order company there called Defender.  Dave has ordered half of the things on our boat from them.  So it was nice to actually go there and look though their warehouse display/ship store/Chandlery.  We have been planning on buying more anchor chain.  To have it shipped, it would have to go by truck.  And we usually don’t plan on being in one place long enough to have it shipped.  So we did some figuring and decided we would be able to take it with us in our rental car.  And that would save the cost of the shipping.  The chain comes in a barrel.  So we had to measure the hatchback area to see if there was room for the barrel to stand up AND the forklift to be able to lift it into the car.  We bought 200 feet of chain which weighs roughly 350 lbs.  So you can see that we saved a lot in shipping, but it may change our gas milage.

We had a late lunch at a Greek restaurant in Waterford. We looked at the map to go directly to our next destination, Newtown, PA.  We would have had to drive on the outskirts of New York City with after work traffic.  Plus our friends there weren’t expecting us until tomorrow. So we detoured and went straight west to the Hudson River.  We ended up in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

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