Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 14-15 Bernardston and Boston, Mass

We had wonderful blueberry pancakes for breakfast at Glenister’s.  Then we drove to Massachusetts to spend  the night with Bill and Brenda Hill.  The Hills were friends of ours from Rapid City.  They moved back to the area where Bill grew up about 4 years ago.  Bill had a meeting after work and Brenda and I went to church (catholic holy day).  So Dave cooked dinner at their house after Bill stopped home and offered some ideas.  We all came back to the house with a great chicken dinner ready for us.

They just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  Brenda has recently lost a lot of weight and said she was about the same weight as when they got married. Bill thought Brenda should try on her wedding dress, so we convinced her to do it.  

Friday:  We are getting into having breakfast made for us.  Today we had waffles and coffee before leaving.  We drove to a northern suburb of Boston, Peabody (pronounced PEA bu dee) for a room at a Holiday Inn.  From there we drove to a subway station and took the subway into downtown Boston.  We found the Sail Loft restaurant/bar and had a cup of their clam chowder on recommendation of friends.  It was outstanding.  And this place was just a little bar off of a marina, not a tourist trap.  Good find.  We then went on a Duck tour of the city, it is on the road and in the water (the one in Seattle was fun, but I wouldn’t recommend this one).   After the tour, we walked to the Black Rose Irish Pub.  When we think of Boston, we think of Irish.  We had dinner and listened to a man singing Irish music.  We are getting old because we love it when we can enjoy the music over dinner and not have to wait for it to start at 9:00.  After dinner we walked around a few blocks listening to music on the street, then took the subway back to our hotel.

Brenda in her wedding dress sweeping Bill off his feet

reunited with good friends

Brenda and Bill

cup of awesome clam chowder

The Irish Rose in Boston

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