Friday, August 22, 2014

August 13, 2014 Mexico, NY

Dave’s mother was born in Mexico, NY just a few miles from here and spent her childhood years here.  So today, we drove to Mexico, NY.  Dave’s mom gave us directions to find Dave’s grandmother’s grave.  Then we found the house Dave’s mother lived in as a child.  Now there is a fruit stand in front of the house.  So we stopped to buy fruit and had a wonderful conversation with a woman that grew up in the house after Dave’s grandmother passed away and they sold the house to this family about 1950.  She went in the house and found a letter from Dave’s grandfather addressed to her father when the sale of the house was finalized.  We were going to take a picture of the letter and she told Dave to keep it.  She thought there may be other letters in the attic and offered to send them to us if she comes across them again.  We bought plums and “doughnut peaches” that were peaches that were shaped more like a doughnut.  All of them were very good. 

Then we drove around the country side seeing where Lee grew up, an Amish farm and school, a lighthouse at the east end of Lake Ontario.

 We had dinner at a restaurant on the east end of Lake Ontario.  Beautiful view of the sunset on the lake.
Mexico, NY fruit stand in front of the house Dave's mother lived in as a child

The house that is used as storage now

Lake Ontario

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