Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Augurst 22- 26, 2014 PA to MN

Friday, Aug 22:
Rich was able to take the day off.  So after a lazy morning and great breakfast, we drove around the area.  His home is near the area where Washington crossed the Delaware.  There is so much history of the birth of our country in the eastern states.

We had a great dinner at an English Publick House.  Dave had a hamburger with scrapple on it.  It looked like Spam to me.  

 Saturday, August 23:
We went to a Phillies baseball game against the St Louis Cardinals, in Philadelphia.  It went into 12 Innings and wasn’t over until 12:30 am (Cardinals won).  We had  Philly cheese steak sandwiches and Yuengling Beer.  Rich had actually brought some Yuengling beer to MN for us in the early 1980’s.  He said it was the oldest still operating brewery in the US. 

 Sunday Aug 24:  This morning we received a phone call at 6:00 am.  It was Dave’s mother telling us that Dave’s Stepfather had passed away during the night.  She and Hap have been married over 40 years.  He was in his early 90’s and was a WWII veteran.  He had been in and out of  hospitals since last Thanksgiving with lung problems.  And within the last month, he was moved to a nursing home and put on hospice care.  In the end, he was just worn out.  So he went peacefully.  But Dave’s mom will be very lonely. 

So, we decided to get up, pack our bags, and head to Minnesota.  We were about 10 hours away from our boat in North Carolina and returning our rental car.  Last minute flights would have been expensive.  So we decided to drive for 2 days to MN.  We made it as far as Indianapolis today. 

Monday Aug 25:  We drove the rest of the way today to LeSueur, MN.  We have gone through 19 states and 2 countries since we left NC Aug 6.  Pete arrived tonight also.  He will be able to stay until Thursday.  It’s so great to see him.

Tuesday Aug 26: Alice, Pete, Dave and I drove to Eden Prairie, MN today to watch our great nephew play football.  Mateo is in 10th grade and into multiple sports.  We met our niece, Dena and her other 2 kids, Julianna and Malachi, and a family friend, Bill, at the game.  They won 28-0.  After the game, Dave’s brother Dean joined us and we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We had a fun evening with family. 
Dave, Mateo, Pete and Malachi

Alice, Dave and Dean

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