Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30, 2014 Home maker-Charleston

When you have a change of plans, you feel like you just added a day to your weekend.  FREE DAY!!  I used the day for cooking.  We had some ripe bananas, so I made banana bread.  Since we still have a ton of prepared garlic, I decided to make hummus for the first time.  We recently found tahini in a deli and had to buy some.  We see it called for in recipes but I had no idea what it was-being from SD.  For those of you who are culinary impaired as I am, it is a paste of ground sesame seeds.  I had a pound of dry garbonzo beans that I had soaked over night.  So this morning I cooked them and put them in our Wonderbag for about 4 hours.  I looked up several recipes, then just used what I liked.  I added the minced garlic that we already had, more olive oil, more lemon juice, the tahini, salt and pepper.   Pretty good!  Sure glad I don’t have to worry about my breath with patients anymore.

Dave worked on down loading some world charts and books from another sailor. 
We watched the world cup games.  Then we watched a romantic comedy, Dan in Real Life.  Not too much common ground on movies we like to watch together.  Guess we’ll go back through the Harry Potter series. 

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