Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014 southern church

I didn’t expect to be here another Sunday.  But this gave me a chance to visit another church.  Today I took the trolly to a church in the central part of Charleston.  When I got off the trolly, I walked the wrong direction for a few blocks.  So I ended up being late.  This catholic church was the closest you could get to southern Baptist and still be a mass.  I was definitely in the minority.  What a great choir AND the whole congregation was singing.  They sang fun songs that had a lot more soul.  They asked visitors to stand and be welcomed.  They had anyone with a birthday in July stand and we sang Happy Birthday.  Their recessional hymn was “Soon and Very Soon”.  We sang that in SD but not the way it was meant to be sung.  It was so fun to sing it with spirit and clapping.  After mass, the man I sat behind brought me information about jointing their church.  Someone else invited me to their annual picnic on the 20th.  It was the most welcome I have felt in all the churches I have visited since leaving South Dakota.  What a fun way to start the week.

We figured out how to get free movies through Amazon.  So just hung out this afternoon watching the latest Star Trek movie.  But I refused to watch a second movie.  I got Dave to go for a walk to a restaurant we wanted to try for southern fried chicken.  We should have made a reservation.  We ended up walking to a Sticky Fingers BBQ restaurant.  Either our waiter was new, or he was ready to be done for the day.  The food was good but lousy service.  Any way, we had a nice walk in part of Charleston we hadn’t seen. 

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to Janice and Jim, sister and brother-in-law!

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