Monday, July 7, 2014

July 5, 2014 Soccer and water pumps

I joined the neighboring boaters at a local sports bar to watch the soccer game between the Netherlands and Costa Rica.  It was especially fun since Burt was from the Netherlands and he also picked up the tab after the Netherlands won. 

I walked back to the boat via the grocery store.  All we need to restock these days is milk, fruit, veggies and bread.  So I was OK with carrying those things about 8 blocks.  I also found out that we can take a shopping cart back to the marina and they collect them once a week.  May have to do that if we need to stock heavier items before we leave instead of taking a taxi.

Dave replace our water pump.  Ever since we had the water in the bilge, we have been trying to improve our water system.  It’s amazing how quiet this pump is.  When one of our water tanks empties, the water pump continues to run.  So we immediately shut it off so as not to burn out the pump and we switch tanks.  Now we are concerned that we won’t hear the pump continuing to run.  We will have to be more aware when we think a tank is getting low.  But with the water maker, we don’t usually let the tanks get too low anymore. 

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