Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014 Mystery Bilge water returns

We are still getting fresh water in the bilge, only about a gallon.  Water was coming from the air conditioner.  And maybe this is still water from there that was elsewhere in the bilge until we moved the boat yesterday.  But Dave wasn't satisfied.  He dried out the bilge.  The pump would run and then the water would flow back into the bilge.  So he checked the screens and they were choking with debris that falls though the floor boards.  So much for my housecleaning skills.  

After drying out the bilge he chalked it.  He ran a line of chalk down each channel running from bow to stern.  Then if water runs in, it will smear the chalk line.  If the water returns and the chalk lines weren't disturbed, he will check the enclosed channels that separate each bilge compartment.  As a test, he filled both of our water tanks and washed the deck.  There was no moisture as far as he could feel into the bilge, even up to the ac where it had come from before.  So now we wait and see if it returns.

There is a Y valve in the bilge right under our steps in a secluded compartment from where the water has been showing up.  This Y valve is for the air conditioner or the water maker. You can only run one of those functions at a time.  They both use sea water.  It has been loosely mounted to the through hull, so Dave mounted it to the hull.  He announced that he didn't put a hole in the boat "because that is one of the rules."

He also shined up the through hull.  He explained that you couldn't just wipe it's nose, you had to give it a shiny butt.   He is planning to bond/ground this through hull, raw water screen and the ac pump to the engine.  Since it has sea water running through it all the time, it is creates a current and connects the metals.  That makes one metal corrode and builds it up on the other metal.  That's what we are trying to control.  If one of the metal fittings were eaten away, water would start coming into the boat-not good. 

Dave also sealed the gasket on the hatch over our bed.  That started leaking sometime over the last week or so.  We have left a cloth scoop over it in the meantime to protect it from any further leaks.  So after 24 hours, we will test that.  Lots of work goes into keeping the water on the OUTSIDE of the boat.   

I helped Shelly get two more cushions cut out today.  Then we made a Walmart run.  I think that took 2 hours.  Crazy. 

We used our Wonderbag to cook red beans and ham hocks.  First I soaked the beans overnight.  Then Dave added the smoked ham hocks and mystery ingredients.  You have to bring everything to a boil and let it cook for 30-60 minutes.  Then you just put the whole pot in the Wonderbag.  This was yesterday.  Well the beans still seemed crunchy, so Dave heated it again and we put it back in the bag overnight.  Today, we heated it again (just to be sure we would kill some bacteria that may have been growing) and it was perfect served over rice.  The problem with making a big pot of beans on the boat is where to store the leftovers.  I was able to rearrange the refrigerator to get it to fit.  And you know what the other problem will be with a big pot of beans on a boat.

Dave's red beans, ham hocks and ???


  1. Hi Mary and Dave:
    We are still following every post and vicariously enjoying your cruise! We are getting ready to go "cruising" in our new Airstream and will go to the Dakotas and parks out west. Can't wait to see how the potluck went! Fair Seas, Ron and Libbo Bush, 'Gotta Dance" Pensacola, FL (met you in Panama City Marina last Christmas).

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  3. Ron and Libbo, Always fun to hear from you. You will love the Black Hills of SD. And even though the drive across the state is long, it is beautiful, too. Our favorite places are Mt Rushmore, Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park and the Needles Highway, And if you take Iron Mt Road from Custer State Park to Mt Rushmore, you go through tunnels that are lined up to frame Mt Rushmore. Not everyone knows about that. The Badlands and Spearfish Canyon are also beautiful. Every gas station, restaurant, & tourist spot has a tourist map of the Black Hills that is real handy. If you have more questions, you could give us your e-mail address and converse though that. Otherwise, we would like to hear what you thought after you have been there.