Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 26, 2014 Toilets and cushions

Unfortunately, we are not cushioning our toilets, if you thought the title indicated so.

Today, Shelly and I left about 9:00 to purchase the material for the cushions.  We went to the Mill Outlet Village on College Road, for future reference.  We also picked up thread, seam rippers, and a zipper for the outside piece.

We went home, finished up some computer projects on each of our parts and had lunch before starting.  Then we took the material to the shower house.  It is a building that has the dock master's office, the men's and women's bathroom/showers and laundry.  There is a deck with picnic tables and chairs.

We decided we could use the original backs and zippers.  So we started by taking 3 cushions with us to the small air conditioned laundry room to start ripping seams.  Then Shelly started cutting pieces on the table for folding clothes.  But it didn't take her long to move outside on the deck.  I picked up things behind her and tried to find a fine balance between being helpful and getting in her way.  We started about 1:30 and by 3:30-4:00, she was ready to start sewing.  I keep thinking of my friend, Cheryl, who is a great seamstress.  But when Cheryl would work on a project, I would sit in the shade and drink beer.  We're going to celebrate when they are all done. 

We each went back to our boats.  She took the 3 cushions and material.  I started taking the backs off of the other cushions.  I would also mark the front side and the top of each cushion, since she was not seeing them inside the boat.  I had a diagram with each cushioned numbered that I went by.

Dave has rebuilt the mechanical parts of both of our heads.  There were two tell-tale signs of recurring problems (you probably don't want to know).  So we had decided to replace the entire "guts" of the toilets in both heads.  And since we knew we would be here awhile, Dave had ordered parts and had them sent here.  So today, he started on the aft head.  Part way through, he needed a part from a hardware store.  So he and Miami did the parts run this afternoon.  He needed to go to a hardware store, too.

We had some Italian sausage in the freezer we wanted to make spaghetti with, so we had invited Shelly and Miami for dinner.  At noon, we realized that the sausage was freezer burnt.  So we wanted to wait to make  the spaghetti.  I also discussed with Shelly that helping with the cushions and trying to be a hostess wasn't going together well.  For one thing, all our cushions were torn apart.  But we often eat outside anyway.  So when we parted, we said "let's not worry about dinner, maybe we'll get together late to play Euchre.  They like playing this card game, and we used to love it about 30 years ago.  So we were going to refresh the rules and have some fun playing cards. 

About 4:30, the guys came home with fresh shrimp from a road side stand.  So we decided we could cook the shrimp and make a vegetable salad and they would make rice and bring the wine.  So about 6:00 they came over, with their son Ryan, and we had a nice simple dinner in the cockpit and visited until about 8:30 (cruiser's midnight).  AND Shelly brought over one finished cushion!!

Shelly on the deck of the shower house

last minute "before picture"-we had flakes of this on our floor, in our shower filter and in our bed everyday!!

Shelly enjoys what she is doing, but she's always smiling

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