Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 22-24, 2014 Surveyor and Electronics Technician

Tuesday:  Brian, our insurance surveyor, came to the boat at 2:00.  All 3 of us went over the timeline of events and what we have noticed not working or different or strange.  Then I left to do laundry and get out of the way.  He and Dave went through the boat looking at the various problems.  Brian would write up his report tonight and "get the ball rolling" or should I say "get the sails sailing"?  But he did want to have the boat hauled out of the water to check the hull.  So that is planned for Thursday.

Wednesday:  We talked to Al, boat yard manager, if we want to have the boat painted while it is out, we may as well wait until Monday to haul out the boat.  They can't start the painting until then anyway.  AND we can't stay on the boat when it is out.  The painting will take about 5 days.

There was a canvas man working on another boat, so Dave asked him to stop over at our boat before he left.  We asked him about adding a curtain on the stern to protect our backs from wind or rain.  We didn't do this from the start because we have so many things mounted there.  But we decided we could just to a center piece that is 45" wide.  And maybe we will check with him about doing cushions.
We were invited to Miami and Shelly's boat for happy hour.  We discussed the boat, canvas work, and getting a rental car.  Shelly has done lost of canvas work/upholstery and offered to do ours.  Also they were interested in sharing the car or putting Miami on as a extra driver.  So we went home and measured all of our cushions and the space we want to add outside.  Tomorrow we'll get the rental car car.

Thursday: Dale, the BBY head electronics technician,  came to the boat to go over the insurance list of concerns and check out what needs to be done so BBY can give the insurance company an estimate for the work to be done.
Miami and I went to get the car.  Enterprise will pick you up from certain locations.  And BBY clients get a 5% discount.  So came out pretty good.  We decided not to put Miami on and they will just run errands with us.
I went to an Urgent Care clinic to have them check out what I thought was a bug bite.  Last Thursday, we noticed a red area on my chest.  On Friday it had little bubbles like poison ivy and was really itchy.  On Saturday it was one big bubble.  On Monday it broke open.  By Wednesday, it looked like it was spreading.  They gave me an oral antibiotic and antibacterial cream, and a steroid to cover all bases.

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