Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 19-20, 2014 Generator Day

Dave spent the day working on the generator.   Between Saturday and Sunday, here is an abbreviated list of what he did.  Checked all lines. Cleaned out the mixing elbow, Cleaned out the heat exchange tubes.  Sunday he had it running after running water through each step.  But when he put the casing back on and tried to start it, it wouldn't start.  So he thinks it may be bringing in air and creating an air lock.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon catching up on this blog.  We have had an active week, but not the wifi or power to post the blog.

We had a wonderful phone call from our son, Pete.  That always makes our day.  Love that guy!

After dinner, we invited our friends that we met in Charleston, Alex, Seng and Kaya, over for adult beverages in our cockpit.  It's so fun to have friends here and having the time to get to know them better. 

Sunday I took a taxi to St. Mary's Catholic church in downtown Wilmington, about 3 miles by road.  Kaya was planning to go to a museum this afternoon, so I asked Alex and Seng if they could give me a ride back to the boat.  They have a rental car.  It worked out with perfect timing.

They were going to West Marine and the grocery store and offered to take me along.  I was able to return a part and pick up some things at West Marine.  Then we started talking about grocery stores and it came up that I had never been to Trader Joe's.  So we went there for my first experience.  I only needed fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs.  Then it was fun picking up some unique food items.

After getting back to the boat, I helped Dave with a few things until about 6:00.  Then friends that we met in Marathon, FL arrived by boat after waiting for the 6:00 bridge opening, Shelly, Miami and Ryan Phillips.  We decided to order pizza to be delivered and have all 3 boats get together for the evening.  You learn so much from each other.  And they all get Dave's sense of humor.  If not,  guess we wouldn't still be friends :)

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