Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 15, 2014 Lightning Storm

We woke up to thunder and lightning about 2:30 pm, only 2 hours of sleep.  We had to close hatches because of the rain.  We decided to make breakfast.  Our schedules were really out of whack.  We had some English muffin bread that we wanted to make French toast with.  We decided to try making it with our powdered eggs.  It actually tasted pretty good.  The storm was getting more intense with lighting, then all of a sudden there was an instant boom with the lightning.  We didn’t think we had a direct hit, but we heard a strange beep or pop.  I asked Dave “how would you know if we had a direct hit?” He said “you would see water rising over the windows.”  I had forgotten that a lightning strike can put a hole in the hull of your boat, depending on where it travels through. 

We noticed that our Single Side Band radio wasn’t working.  There wasn’t anything we could do about it now, with the rain.  So as long as we were still afloat, we went back to our naps.  I woke up at 8:00 pm and stayed up a couple hours, but Dave slept straight through the night.   I turned on our anchor light, but couldn’t tell if it was on.  So I checked with our friend who was anchored near us, and he said it was not on.  Not sure if it was damaged by lightning, because we haven’t had to use it for the last month in Charleston.  I thought I heard something hit our deck a couple mornings ago.  So we’ll have to check that out. 

We noticed before that when we do an overnight sail, it really takes a day to recover.  But it was good to get here before this storm arrived.

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