Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014 Pedi cab

Today, Dave finished cleaning the hull with the hookah system.  Our marina has harbor tours on a replica of a paddle boat that leaves about 4 times a day.  And there is a water taxi that leaves from here.  So there are always tourists on the dock above us.  Dave uses a wet suit when he cleans the hull, so he wears a tight fitting swim suit under it.  When he went out into the cockpit today dressed in his suit he said “did you hear that collective moan from the tourists when I stepped outside?”

I spent some time on the computer continuing to organize our documents on Evernote. 
It seemed like I was working on 3 things at once today.  I guess it was because we received our mail today and there were things to follow up on. 

We went out to a Mexican restaurant tonight.  It was very good and I am always surprised at how cheap everything is on the menu.  And their happy hour went until 8:00pm.  We ended up carrying a heavy bag of leftovers home again.

After dinner, we walked about 6-8 blocks away from our marina to find the place I am going to tomorrow for a massage.  We got about 2 blocks into our walk home and Dave flagged down a pedi-cab.  We have seen them around town and this was one of the things Dave was looking forward to doing while we were here.  He was tired from being in the water today, so he decided this would be a good time.  The temperature was in the low 80’s with the humidity close to 80%, so I didn’t argue. 

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