Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 13, 2014 North of Brunswick, GA/Wonderbag

I happen to wake up early this morning and could see the full moon out a window.  So I snuck outside and took photos of the full moon reflecting on the water.  Beautiful!

We did a few things at anchor before leaving this morning.  We made water with our water maker for about an hour.  Dave said it was the purest water we have made (he checks the clarity of the water before putting it in our water tank).  We also wanted to try out our Wonderbag.  I mentioned that Jackie Killion told us about this.  It is a quilted bag with a special lining that cooks like a crock pot with no fuel.  We made pulled pork with a Boston Butt roast.  First Dave made a rub and browned the meat.   Then he cooked onion and garlic and made a broth.   Then you add the meat back to the broth and cook it for about 45 minutes.  Then you put the whole pot in the bag and leave it all day.  I’ll jump ahead to the results.  It could have been done in 3-4 hours, but we left it from 11:30 to about 6:30.  When we opened the bag, the pot and lid were still hot enough to need hot pads. The meat was unbelievable.  It was so tender and juicy.  This thing is a winner!  I would recommend it to sailors, campers, for traveling several miles with a dish to share when you arrive, or maybe for a hot dish to take to a pot luck after work, or just to be frugal with fuel or electricity.   Dave wants to try beans next.

We ended up leaving our anchorage at 12:30 pm.  About 3:00, near Jekyll Island we were at low tide.  We went through a long stretch where our instruments read 0.1 feet below our keel.  We went slowly so we  wouldn’t dig in too deep if we stopped.  Dave said it felt like we was sliding along a muddy bottom.  Made it, no problem.  We are going to check our route and high and low tides for tomorrow. 

The coasts of Georgia and South Carolina have many islands and inlets between them.  So the ICW snakes around the  islands, then you cross the inlets (or sounds).  Today we crossed St Andrews sound and St Simons Sound.  The islands were called the Golden Isles.  They have resorts and golf courses. 

We anchored in a channel off of the ICW called Wally’s Leg north of Brunswick.  It was very quiet.  We ate inside because of a few bugs.  But I had to go outside for the beautiful sunset.  As I was enjoying the scenery, an alligator crossed the creek near our boat.  Pretty cool to see.  Dave decided he wouldn’t clean the hull of the boat in the morning.
full moon before sunrise

Wonderbag and wonder cook

cover that goes on top and helps seal it when closed

cinching it closed with drawsting

wonderful pulled pork

sunset in Georgia

alligator crossing the creek where we are anchored

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