Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 1-2, 2014 Marina days in New Smyrna Beach

Sunday: I found a church I could walk to if I had left early enough.  I ended up taking a taxi there and walking home about 1.5 miles.  It was a beautiful walk and I enjoyed looking at the homes along the river.  I spent the late afternoon doing laundry at the marina.  I made it there just in time to miss a downpour.  I guess that was the weather we were waiting to hit before leaving the marina. 

We ended up trying a local restaurant, Dolphin View, that we could walk to.  We shared a  burger and flounder.  Both were good.

Monday:  we walked to a drug store downtown about 6 blocks away for a late breakfast.  It was an old establishment with a diner that was recommended by other sailors.  If you were looking for the old diner experience, it was great.  Dave even had a milkshake.  But if you were looking for a great breakfast, there may be others to choose from. 

We worked on boat projects again today.  Dave met another couple that were on a trawler (motorized boat) that were interesting to talk to.  We ended up joining them at the same restaurant we went to the night before.  We then went for a walk downtown to show them the diner/drug store.  Then we returned to the marina, visited a little longer and with some other sailors.  Everyone seemed to be out on the dock tonight.  I guess our good weather was here.  So we called it an early night to be able to leave in the morning

Dave's milkshake-we wanted the diner in the background

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