Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 8, 2014 Dental Day

I called Kordie. my dental classmate and friend, at 7:00 am to get a recommendation of an endodontist.  She again told me that Peter would like to see him.  She checked the schedule and asked if we could be there at 9:00 am for the root canal on #6, upper right and routine.  And he would evaluate #31, lower right to decide if he would retreat it or refer him to a specialist.  We would have just enough time, if traffic wasn’t bad.

I woke up Dave, and we headed out.  They were going to see the new “sailing Mary and Dave”.  No showers, casual clothes, and no make up for me.  We didn’t even have breakfast or coffee.  When Alice and Hap got up, Hap thought Alice had only dreamed that we were there last night.  We made it to their office right at 9:00.

Peter had no trouble treating #6.  It definitely was infected and needed treatment.  He was done about 10:00, and they wanted Dave to return at 2:00 to treat the other tooth.  We went to a great restaurant in their neighborhood, Zumbros, for breakfast.  Then we went to a AAA store for some travel items.  I shopped for over an hour while Dave napped in the car.  We found some awesome items for travel, like carry on suitcases that can be folded into a small size to store when not in use.  There were also some waterproof and water resistant items. 

Dave was really impressed with Peter’s treatment. Very gentle and very skilled, and efficient.  I had a chance to visit with Kordie and Chas Salman, another class mate or ours that now works with them.  The first sailboat I was ever on was on the St Croix River with Chas while I was in dental school.  We also had fun remembering some good times in dental school.  Dave even got a couple of his staff with his “dog jaw” joke.  He explained how the crazy dentist in Florida tried to tell him he had “dog jaw”.  Then he gets them to feel his jaw.  And when they reach for it, he turns his face toward their hand and barks like a dog.  Of course they jump if it goes over good. 

The best part was the nice discount Peter gave us.  Thank you Peter and Kordie, if you are reading this.  We didn't come to MN for a discount.  We came for reasonable fees and to see someone we trusted and to see family.  So this was a bonus. 

We headed back to LeSueur about 3:30 and it was really raining hard.  The sky looked green, like tornado weather.  We turned on the radio, and there were tornado watches and severe thunderstorms in the area.  We even had to pull over at one point because the wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain.  But we made it to LeSueur and listened to forecasts for more severe weather heading our way.  Everything stayed to the west of us and passed us by, thank goodness. 

Dave’s mom had a great dinner of pork ribs waiting for us.  We were pretty tired and just fell asleep watching TV (something we don’t get to do on the boat). 

Dave and I are both happy to have the treatment done.  Now we can just enjoy the time with family and not have to think about several trips to the Cities.  We’ll head there the last couple days before flying out on the 17th.  My brother and sister in law, Jerry and Barb, assured me that they will be home and will have a bed and beers waiting for us.  

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