Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 30, 2014 Visit with the Sweeney's

We had been conversing through texts with friends of our from Orlando that we met through Ski for Light about 20 years ago, Brian and Kathryn Sweeney.  It has been about 5 years since we have seen each other.   We originally planned to go straight to St. Augustine, about 50 miles north of here today.  Then spend a couple days there as tourists and catching up on computer and boat projects.  We were hoping they could meet us there over the weekend.  They were going to be spending Friday night to Sat noon in New Smyrna Beach with Brian's mother at her condo that she had for the week.  So we decided to spend Friday at the city marina in New Smyrna Beach so we could get together there.

We moved the boat about a  mile up the ICW into New Smyrna Beach (NSB) marina.  They only chagre $1.25/foot, so we splurged and got a slip.  With a slip, we can hook up to the shore power and water and use all the electricity and water we want.  Woo hoo!

Dave did some work outside cleaning the boat.  I started a bread recipe we have been wanting to try since we were in Alabama.  Our friends on another sailboat gave us some to try and the recipe.  It is a flat bread you make in a pan on the stove.  A cross between pita bread and a tortilla, made with yogurt.  I mixed it and let it rise while I cleaned out our refrigerator.  I made a pasta salad for lunch with most of the last of our fresh vegetables and some ham.

I also got Dave started on looking up figures of all the things we have added or upgraded on our boat.  The new insurance company wants those figures.  I'm not sure I want to see the total.

Dave helped me when it came time to heating the dough in a pan, because it was a little too sticky yet and I was messing with adding more flour.  Well, we tasted the first couple ones and decided they were too salty and we wouldn't eat it anyway.  I remember as I was adding ingredients thinking that I didn't remember the last time I had to measure out a tablespoon of salt.  Well, I think it was a misprint.  So we ended up throwing it all away.  And I think it's a little too labor intensive for the 16 pieces it makes.  I think I'll stick with loaves of bread.

I cleaned the heads, we took turns showering and were ready for dinner with the Sweeney's by 7:00.  They picked us up and took us to their favorite restaurant, the Garlic.  It was a fun place with several bars and almost jungle like atmosphere in their outdoor section.  The food was great.  When they bring the bread with the oil and vinegar, they also bring a plate of roasted garlic.  We all took leftovers home.

 It was great catching up with them and hearing about our mutual friends.  Just love those friends that you don't see for years and you pick up right where you left off.
This is the largest bird nest in the world near our boat in the marina.  It's great as long as they don't decide to do their business on our boat. Looks like even the birds live in condos in Florida.
friends for over 20 years

At the Garlic-specials were written on a piece of lasagna

Brian, Kate, Mary, Dave, Rita-colorful place

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