Monday, May 5, 2014

May 2, 2014 Town Day

Growing up in a small town on the prairie of South Dakota,  Wednesday was the day the farmers came to town.  That was the day of the livestock auction.  So they would do their shopping, too.  As a lifeguard, I remember Wednesday as “country kids” day at the pool.  We gave swimming lessons to them for the first half of the afternoon, then it was open swim for them.  I guess the “city kids” were too wild and might intimidate those “shy country kids”. 

This Friday is the second time we have made a day of being on land.  There is a luncheon for the Seven Seas Sailing Association at a restaurant about a half mile away.  It’s not a structured meeting.  It’s just a nice way to visit with other sailors.  We met a nice couple from Charleston, SC.  We want to go there, but weren’t sure what to do when you arrive by boat.  So they gave us some great information. 

Afterwards, we planned to walk another half mile to the grocery store, pharmacy and K Mart.  A couple were leaving the restaurant by car and offered us a ride.  Since the temp and humidity were about equal-in the 80’s-we took them up on their offer.  After shopping, we saw another couple from the marina we knew and asked if they wanted to share a taxi on the way back.  They actually had borrowed a car from a friend, so offered us a ride back.  We could use the exercise, but we were carrying meat in a thermal bag but no ice on it. 

This morning, we decided to call the endodontist in Key Largo to set up Dave’s appointment to retreat his molar root canal.  It was feeling worse, and we didn’t know how far out they would be booked.  He was able to get in by Wednesday, May 7, but we were shocked at how much it was going to cost.  This dentist has an office in Key Largo and Miami.  So I guess we are paying Miami prices.  We started brain storming about having the work done in Minnesota by a dentist we know and trust and being able to see family in the same trip for about the same amount of money.  I called the office in MN, and I was right.

So this evening, we made flight arrangements to go back to MN for 10 days.  Dave wanted to surprise his mom, but decided to call her.  We will be there for Mother’s Day.  His family is planning to get together.  So we are trying to surprise them.  Not sure if his brother and sister are following the blog regularly, so this may tip them off.  Now we need to get organized to leave the boat AND dig out some warmer clothes.  

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