Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 19, 2014 Tour of the Bay

The Killion's last day with us.  It was still very windy today, so we had a light breakfast and decided to go for a tour of the bay in our dinghy.  With the wind, there was only a little splashing at the stern end where the dinghy was sitting deeper in the water than usual.  5 people is the recommended max for this dinghy.  We had fun checking out other boats.  We ended up having lunch at Castaways.  We could tie up our dinghy at their dock.

On the way back to our boat, Jackie decided to sit in the bow so she wouldn’t get wet again.  Well we were going against the wind this time.  No matter what speed we went, the bow kept splashing and getting the 3 women on the front half of the boat wet.  Jackie was soaked and laughing so hard that I said the one good thing was that if she peed her pants laughing we wouldn’t know.  Of course that made her laugh even more.  At least it was warm enough that we weren’t cold even though we were wet. 

Devyn is home schooled through on line courses.  She had a live computer class at 2:00 today.  We we set her up in the marina where she could be online (after changing clothes).   Then Jackie and I showered and put on dry clothes.  After her class, they took off for Cape Coral, about 5 hours away.  It’s always great to see them.  They may join us on the east coast of Florida as we move up the coast. 

We did some unpacking and watched a couple movies that evening.  Dave’s mom gave us a bunch of their DVDs that they don’t watch, mostly westerns.  Relaxing night.

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