Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 18, 2014 Tourist Day

We had  hoped to go snorkeling today, but the winds were 20-30 mph.  It would have been pretty rough.  So after Dave cooked breakfast for us (us and the Killions), we drove to the 7 mile bridge.  We walked out on the 2 mile section of old railroad bridge.  We had biked this with Pete when he was here.  The water was pretty rough, so we didn’t see the wild life in the water like we did the last time we were here.  But the view was fantastic, and we watched a few fishermen. 

We had lunch at the Key Fisheries Market.  Dave’s favorite is their seared tuna sandwich.  And Brian loves tuna.  So we had to go there.  Jackie and I had shrimp quesadillas and Devyn had fried fish that was really fresh.  Sitting outside on their deck, Jackie spotted a seahorse holding onto a floating stick.  We watched it swim between the stick and some blades of grass.  Pretty cool and rare to see. 

We took advantage of having a car and went to Home Depot and the grocery store.  At this point, all we needed to replenish was fresh milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables and bread while we could still get it.  We have irradiated milk, powdered eggs, canned fruits and vegetables, some frozen breads and lots of flour, yeast, etc for making bread.  We’re ready to be self sufficient.

After unloading and storing most everything, we went across the highway to a happy hour and invited the people that watched our boat while we were gone.  We wanted to do something for them.  Afterwards, we went back to the boat and one neighbor joined us.  We sat in the cockpit enjoying more cocktails and snacks, with Dave cooking hotdogs later, too.  Beautiful evening. 
Devyn, Jackie and Brian Killion on the windy old railroad bridge next to the 7 mile bridge

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