Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 29, 2014 Pete's departure

We all went to shore about 8:30am.  Pete and I took showers at the marina while Dave went to pick up the rental car (by taxi).  We chose Enterprise because they will pick you up, but only if you aren’t in a hurry.  They coordinate several pick ups.  Dave picked us up by about 9:30 and we went out for breakfast in Marathon at the Wooden Spoon.  Our waitress gave us a recommendation for a dentist in Big Pine Key, 20  miles south and west of here.  We hadn’t heard anything positive about the dentists on Marathon, so decided it would be worth the effort to get there. 

We arrived at the airport with time to spare, so we parked and went in with Pete.  It’s so hard to say good-bye in the unloading zone.  We sure enjoyed his visit and can’t wait to have him join us again.  He really enjoyed the relaxation and the warm weather and our company. 

Part way back, we stopped for a late lunch and a trip to Walmart.  Just needed a few items we couldn’t find at the local K-Mart.  We also called 2 dentists to make Dave an appointment. The one 20  miles away couldn’t see him until Tuesday, May 6.  But we made the appointment anyway.  Then we called one in Marathon and got a recording.  Most of the clinics in Marathon are here only part time, or are government clinics. 

We made a stop at the grocery store, since we had a car.  We have plenty of dry goods.  We just like to replenish our fruits, vegetables, meats and breads when we have a chance. 

Back at the marina, there were 2 manatees at our dinghy dock again.  Another guy with a dog was able to pet one and his dog was excited to check him out, too.  Great photos.  Leaving the dock, we noticed 2 policemen checking out the area.  Later at our boat, we saw the 2 policemen going through the marina on the boat that pumps out our heads.  Actually looked kind of silly.  Then another law enforcement boat joined them with 2 people from the Sheriff’s office.  They came back and stopped near our boat to talk to each other.  Dave overheard that there had been a stabbing.  So that added a little excitement to our evening. 

Dave ended up having to take a strong pain med to sleep tonight.  May have to contact the dental office again and whine some more.  I think I’ve heard all those tricks. 
This tree is a common area to meet taxis.  Some call it the tree of life, the tree of knowledge, or the bull bush.

Manatees are so strange looking

Making new friends

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