Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 21-23, 2014 Killion weekend

We were invited to spend the night at the Killions so the men could have a clam soup cook off.  Dave made clam chowder and Brian made clam bisque.  Of course it was a tie.  Got to love it when the guys cook. 

Since we were spending the night, Jackie picked us up at the dock.  We didn’t want to leave our dinghy at the dock overnight.  So Dave brought me to shore with our overnight bags, groceries, laundry and some electronics (have to take advantage of water and electricity when you can).  Then he returned to the boat with our dinghy and took the water taxi back to the dock.  It costs $10/person. 

On Saturday, we wanted to go to our storage unit, hardware store and grocery store.  We had made a list of nonperishable food that we wanted for our trip to the Bahamas.  We are guessing on the amounts to provision, but I am going to keep track, somehow, for future reference. 

Before running our errands and returning home, we started talking about what we needed.  Jackie then pulled out HUGE bags of rice and beans.  They are ready for a hurricane.  She offered to vacuum seal rice and beans for us.  So we made some 3 pound bags of rice and one pound bags of beans.  After shopping, we returned and vacuum sealed our flour into 2.5 pound bags.  I also removed products from boxes and put them in ziploc bags.  Keeps things dry, and takes less space to store. 

So we packed up our food, overnight bags, laundry and electronics and headed for an Irish Pub to take them out for dinner.  Well, one beer led to another, and we ended up returning to their house for another night.  Good thing Devyn is old enough to drive now.  Still can’t believe she’s that old.

After going to church with them on Sunday morning, and having leftover clam chowder and bisque, we finally went back to the boat.  We unloaded everything at the dock and let them leave.  It took over an hour for the water taxi to pick up Dave.  Mix up with the dispatcher as to where we needed the pick up.  Then it took 2 trips back to the boat with all of our provisions, etc. 

It was a great send off from the Killions.  We will miss them when we leave here.  But we are considering making this our permanent address.  So there may be another address change before Christmas this year.  We have our storage unit here and plan to get some things from it after the Bahamas and before heading up the east coast.  We will probably rent a car on the east coast of Florida and come back here rather than bring the boat around the tip of Florida again.  So we will see our good friends again, if not here, then on our boat somewhere.

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