Thursday, April 17, 2014

jApril 2, 2014 Full Day of Guests

We were fortunate to be able to connect with another relative of mine vacationing in Ft Myers Beach.  Kimberly Kindle Nachreiner was here with her husband, Kevin, and 2 boys, Konner and Karson.  Kimberly’s mother, Linda Schaefer Kindle, and I are first cousins and we all grew up in SD. 

We picked them up at the dock across the street from their hotel, the Pink Shell.  Their hotel is on the beach side of the island.  But right across the street is the bay side.  First thing Dave did was have the boys place the 7 cockpit cushions in the right place, like a puzzle.  His mind is still that of a little boy.  Great day of getting everyone involved with sailing the boat and enjoying the ride.  Of course the 5 year old wanted to know “where are we going, what are we going to see, when can we go back to the beach, etc”.  So cute!

After sailing, we took a dinghy ride to a restaurant on the next island inland, San Carlos Island.  We were able to circle the island and bring them right back to their hotel on the bay side.  It was really fun to connect with family and share our boat with them.

SAME DAY-Dave’s brother, Dean, from Minneapolis arrived about 5:00.  He had vacation time in April, so we decided to stay in Ft Myers Beach for him to join us.  Once we leave here, we can’t predict where we will be and when.  So joining us here kept us in Ft Myers Beach about a week longer.  He will fly out of Miami on April 15. 

Dean took a taxi to Bonita Bills, where we picked him up by dinghy and enjoyed a “Welcome to the islands” beer or two.  After getting him settled on the boat, we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner, Nervous Nellies.  THEN, they had to rearrange our garage (oh, I mean aft cabin) into a guest room.  Didn’t quite get to that before he arrived.  I stayed out of the way :)

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