Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 21, 2014 Miami Run

Dave was working on some things this weekend that he had to access through the aft cabin, which is where Pete will sleep.  So he had to rearrange everything to make it into a guest cabin again.  For one thing, he cleaned the generator water intake filter and we were amazed at how clogged it was. 

So when it was getting closer to leaving to pick up Pete at the airport, he decided to stay and continue working.  I have gone to the Miami airport from the Keys twice as a passenger and figured I could handle it, especially with a GPS.  We rented a car, but it is at the airport in Marathon.  So I had to take a taxi to the airport.  The Miami airport is 90  miles away, but the GPS estimated 2hr 10min.  I made it in 2 hrs.  Pete arrived about 15 minutes early.  I scooped him up and headed out again.  It is so great to be able to hug your son.

We stopped in Key Largo on the way back at one of our favorite restaurants, the Fish House.  It was first recommended to us by my sister, Janice.  It was about 4:30, but neither of us had lunch today.  We had excellent meals of mahi mahi,  Pete’s had a swiss cheese sauce and mine was their house specialty of sautéed vegetables over the fish.  We also had an appetizer of grilled shrimp wrapped in basil and prosciutto.  I would highly recommend it. 

We checked out a few marinas in Key Largo, in case we decide to stop there on our way to the  Bahamas.  Not impressed, and very shallow.  So we’ll see.  We also stopped in Islamorada at the Fish Market.  Always have to stop here on our way through.  The restaurant is good, too.  We picked their smoked fish dip, seaweed salad and marinated octopi.  Dave was in heaven with our left overs and his favorites from the market. 

Pete pulled out his guitar and played for us in the nice breeze in our cockpit.  I really miss listening to him play.  So it was a dream come true. 

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