Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 16, 17, 18, 2014 Shopping day

Wednesday, April 16
Spent some time in the marina doing laundry and at the laundromat.  It costs $3.00 per wash and $3.00 per dry!  Good thing our boat clothes aren’t fancy and can be thrown in with anything. 
I had another good day on the computer getting things up to date.  Amazing what you take for granted now with wifi connections.  The Bahamas will be interesting. 
Thursday, April 17
Spent the entire day on the boat reorganizing things and updating things. 
Friday, April 18
The local Seven Seas Sailing Association meets for lunch at a local restaurant of Fridays.  We are members and receive info online, but have never been to a function.  We joined them and met some great people.  There were about 15 couples,  Everyone is so willing to share their experiences with you.  There was even a single guy, probably in his late 20’s, that didn’t know how to sail, bought a boat in New York and sailed it to Florida learning as he went.  Dave ended up going to his boat later that afternoon and helped him with some things.
After lunch, we planned to walk to the grocery store and K Mart, then take a taxi back.  On the way, we stopped at a dive shop.  We found a couple useful things even though we no longer have our dive gear.  (It was that or have room for company.)  I found an awesome backpack that is a dry bag.  We have other dry bags, but they have small handles or they are duffle bag size.  With this I will be comfortable carrying a laptop to shore.  We also found a float to swim with when snorkeling so boats will see us.  And we bought a bag that you can inflate to bring heavy objects up to the surface, like an anchor.   It was kind of expensive, but much cheaper than buying a new anchor. 
Then we passed a sandal store and I found the perfect pair of Teva’s.  I needed to replace my sandals, but figured I’d have to wait until we got back from the Bahamas.  Even then, I don’t know how easy it would be to find a shoe store on the east coast without a car. 
Finally we made it to K Mart.  Dave made it through half of that shopping list and had to get out of there.  I now keep my shopping lists in my phone.  I add things as soon as I think of them.  And I don’t lose the list.  So I had to copy and paste my grocery list and send it as a text to Dave’s phone so he could start grocery shopping.  By the time I got to the grocery store, we were pretty well set.  The list said fruits and vegetables.  Dave sent me there.  I guess I didn’t give him enough details.  Funny how about 2 years ago, he did all the grocery shopping and I have taken that over now.  Usually it’s because he has better things to be doing on the boat instead of shopping.  I guess that was the case back in SD, too, since I was working full time and he was the house husband.
Friday night, we got a phone call from our son, Peter.  Months ago, we talked about him visiting us after St Patrick’s Day and before the summer.  He has an Irish Band, and so it would be easier for him to leave during that time period.  We talked dates and places and decided that now would be the best time for him to join us with any predictability of our location.  So we made quick arrangements for him to join us for a week.  He will fly into Miami on Monday the 21st and stay until Tuesday the 29th.  He hasn’t been on our boat yet. Can’t wait to see him!!! 

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